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Improve online and in-person.
Get 25% off lessons with an instructor at Sun Peaks Resort.
Use your W&R membership to improve at a fraction of the cost.

Master Your Board With Online Snowboard Lessons

Join the Virtual Snowboard School to take your riding to the next level

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Virtual snowboard tutorials

Video lessons with easy to follow instructions and demos

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A pro in your pocket

Lessons anywhere, anytime with convenient access on the chairlift or at home.

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Analyze your ride

1-on-1 feedback highlighting skill deficiencies, with guidance on what to practise and how to improve.

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Progress bars

Practice is crucial to reach your potential. Train in the Online Snowboard School to level up and track your milestones.

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Ask An Instructor

Online chat for added instruction to help you understand techniques and important cues within movements.

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Suitable for everyone

No technical background required, videos for every ability level

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Snowboarding Simplified

Progress through a proven and logical structure to dominate the mountain.

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Find your tribe online in the Snowboard School. Share experiences, advice and link up to practise with your tribe.

The 5 How To’s of Snowboarding

Progress with icon green, icon blue and icon black video lessons

how to stand

How to Stand

Develop a rock solid foundation for your snowboarding

how to steer, online virtual snowboard school

How to Steer

Direct connection from body to board with responsive turning and added speed control

how to grip, online snowboard lessons

How to Grip

Improve stability, balance and control by using your edges effectively

how to react, online virtual snowboard school

How to Move

Add some fun and energy into your riding. Learn to conquer and adapt to any terrain

how to blend, online virtual snowboard school

How to Blend

Link everything together to ride like a pro and unleash your style!

Train and practice all the lessons in the Virtual Snowboard School to:

  • Improve strength & mobility
  • Increase stamina & endurance
  • Boost confidence on the slopes
  • Reach your maximum potential on the snow – Ride fast, fun and safe
  • Ride the whole mountain and conquer new terrain
  • Develop body awareness & self-analysis
  • Regularly check for improvements to avoid plateaus

The video lessons featured in the Virtual Snowboard School have improved 1000’s of peoples riding on snow.

They are real lessons that get real results, taught by professional instructors.

The lessons have been tried and tested over 6+ seasons during traditional in-person instruction at resorts in BC, Canada.

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Be An Expert In The Science Of Snowboarding

W&R Virtual Snowboard Lessons are available in HD and give a 360° demo with drone technology

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Our Drone
DJI Inspire 1.
4k resolution, 12.0 Megapixels.

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In association with The Film Factory

Meet your Instructor

“I spent multiple seasons coaching and certifying instructors in British Columbia and fell madly in love with the science of snowboarding.

After teaching 1000s of lessons in-person to all ability levels from beginners to experts, I want to help you also take your snowboarding to the next level! Easily skyrocket your riding and get super snowboard skills with online tuition. Gain the confidence and control to dominate the whole mountain.”

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Fraser Johnston

CASI lvl 3, Evaluator lvl 2, Park Evaluator.

The Virtual Snowboard School Is Mobile Ready

Ride like a pro with an instructor in your pocket

W&R is available on laptops, smartphones, and tablets, so you can easily view virtual lessons and learn at your own convenience.

Free Virtual Snowboard Lessons

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testimonial profile, online snowboard lessons

“I felt my snowboarding skyrocket. Each How To really allows you to get to grips with what’s required when you ride.”

Becky Barnett

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“Practising makes for a fun day on the hill. It’s like working out in the gym but for your snowboard instead.”

Matt Child

testimonial profile, online snowboard lessons

“Did I ever have my eyes opened by some of the lessons! They allowed me to understand snowboarding in a whole new way.”

Jordan Romero-Porter

testimonial profile, online virtual snowboard school

“I was hesitant on greens, after some tips from Fraser, I quickly found myself whizzing down blues with a smile.”

Dominic McWilliam

testimonial profile, online virtual snowboard school

“I’ve done seasons in France and felt like my riding had plateaued. I love using the movements and having the focus of improvement when I ride.”

Matt Morgan

testimonial profile, online virtual snowboard school

“Snowboarding has never felt so easy with Fraser as an instructor.”

Johanna Bryant

Easily Improve Your Snowboarding

Get this FREE Snowboard Yoga guide to improve your mobility and riding 🚀 📈

Exclusive Videos + Tips Inside To Upgrade Your:

❄️ Strength + Stamina

❄️ Mobility + Flexibility

❄️ Balance + Coordination

Practicing yoga at home is one of the best and fastest ways to develop your snowboarding

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