Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or use the chat icon

1. Who should join the W&R Virtual Snowboard School

Everyone with a snowboard can improve their riding and refine technique, from first timers to experts that have been riding for years. Practice the Virtual Lessons till you feel your confidence and control increase. Advance through the ability levels and master all the movements to ride like a pro. Watch & Ride will teach you the fundamentals and all aspects involved with snowboarding, turning you into a well-rounded, strong rider. If you are at Sun Peaks Resort drop into the Sports School for some extra help and discounted lessons by showing your W&R receipt.

2. How does this benefit my riding?

The Virtual Snowboard School simplifies snowboarding into 5 How To’s. Each How To is improved with tried and tested movements. As you practise and train, you will become proficient in each How To. Every How-To builds on one another. When all 5 of the How To's are performing together you'll be dominating the mountain. You can use these movements as a warm up in the morning on your first lap or practise run after run till you have them mastered.

3. Improve online & In-person: What is a Sun Peaks Buddy Pass?

At the Sun Peaks Sports School show your W&R receipt for discounted lessons and special offers. The W&R team has improved 1000s of peoples riding using the very same movements that you will be practising in the Virtual Snowboard School. With the correct instructional cues and practise on snow, your riding / understanding of snowboarding will dramatically improve. In-person lessons are excellent to get immediate and direct feedback. This can help the speed of your progression.

4. Are the movements hard?

How To’s are divided into 3 different ability levels. Green, blue and Black just like the slopes. Each colour marks an increase in difficulty of the movement. Every member of the ride tribe should start with green videos in How To Stand, as this is the foundation of snowboarding. Once you have built a strong foundation, it's easier to build new skills on top. Progress through all ability levels to develop a strong understanding of snowboarding and feel your skill level skyrocket. More advanced movements can feel tricky at first, however with practice, you can reflect and analyse performance to increase success.

5. Why do I have to practise?

It is easy and understandable to want instant results. However, practice and respecting a progression is crucial. It can take time to master all the movements and by going through the progression you are constantly developing your skills. Some movements will highlight skill weaknesses that we can isolate and improve. Through practice and time on snow, you will develop your own style and form of expression on the snow! Training with the Virtual Snowboard School will help to keep you safe and prevent injury.

6. I want to gift this to my... child, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, grandpa, grandma, mom, dad. Is this suitable for them?

Proper technique makes for a low impact, safe and progressive snowboarding experience. Whether you are young or old W&R is an easy, quick way to learn and improve your snowboarding. It provides a solid base to work with that will help to prevent injuries and the chance of falling over. If everyone's understanding, awareness and control are increased, it will make the mountains a safer place to ride and enjoy.

7. I’ve been snowboarding for years, do I really need this?

If you are self-taught or haven’t taken a lesson in years, it's easy to develop unconscious bad habits. You can always get better and develop more control. Take the focus of continual improvement to the slopes and enjoy snowboarding for years to come! Snowboarding is a science that we can explore and continually improve at instead of suffering from that “plateau” feeling. At Watch & Ride, we still fall on our butts, pushing boundaries and trying new things.

8. Can I ask extra advice for the movement I am trying?

Questions are always good! There are many different ways to explain something. Sometimes the explanation just needs a little tweak to unlock the understanding in your head. Conveniently hit the “Ask an Instructor” button in the Virtual Snowboard School if you are struggling.

9. Can I not just teach my partner / child myself?

The W&R trainers have seen many arguments and relationships end due to “friend lessons”. In our experience, it's best to leave it to the professionals and keep your relationships intact. Practise and learn together with proper instructional cues.