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  • Save Your Skin | The Dangers Of Hypothermia & Frostbite

    hypothermia, frostbite, hypothermia and frostbite, snowboarding safety

    It’s been a chilly start to the season in beautiful British Columbia. The dangers of over-exposure are real and life threatening when exploring the mountains with your snowboard. The effects can catch you unaware and set in extremely quickly, even if the sun is shining. By being able to recognise the signs of cold exposure, […]

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  • Weather And Snow Conditions That Affect How You Ride

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    There are many different weather and snow conditions that will affect and change how you have to ride. It is important to develop knowledge around why and when different conditions take place. You can learn how to continually adapt your riding style to suit the conditions and still get enjoyment no matter what the environment is. […]

  • Snowboard Optimisation
  • 7 Ideas On Snowboarding With Headphones

    snowboarding with headphones, snowboard IQ, snowboard education, snowboarding safety

    It’s all down to personal preference when it comes to snowboarding with headphones. Most love it, some hate it, others think it is downright dangerous.   Snowboarding With Headphones: 7 ideas on the headphone debate to make an informed decision for the slopes There’s nothing better than the feeling of charging down the hill to […]

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  • How To Have Successful Snowboarding Lessons

    snowboarding lessons, snowboard, snowboard lesson

    By following some simple tips you can dramatically improve the success of your snowboarding lessons. These guidelines will set the tone for having a positive learning experience and make the instructor’s job easy. Check out Sun Peaks Snows Sports School to get discounted snowboarding lessons with your W&R season pass! Tips For Successful Snowboarding lessons […]