• Snowboard Optimisation
  • 3 Reasons Why Snowboarders Will Love Yoga | Snowboard Yoga Series

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    Every snowboarder can benefit from improved mobility, balance, strength, and stamina. Building these attributes with yoga will let you be creative and have WAY more fun on a snowboard. Your confidence will sky-rocket and you will feel rock-solid on top of the snowboard. This allows you to try new things and master untapped skills. With […]

  • Snowboard Optimisation
  • Joy-a-Toes | Heal + Free Your Feet After Snowboarding

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    Have you ever finished a day of snowboarding with tired, achy and swollen feet?… Oh yeh, me too! This season Joy-a-Toes toe separators have changed the snowboard game for me. Joy-a-Toes will bring your feet to life after being stuffed into snowboard boots. These little gems are comfortable toe spreaders made of a gel material […]