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  • 4 Snowboard Stance Issues + The Optimal Position You Want To Ride In

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    A neutral, relaxed snowboard stance is the foundation of success. Without a solid stance in snowboarding, it is difficult to improve and develop new skills and techniques. Riding ability is influenced directly by how you stand on the board. What you’ll learn in this post: The top 4 snowboard stance issues that can cause problems in your riding On the […]

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  • 10 Tips For Practising Virtual Snowboard Lessons

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    These 10 tips will help you have a successful session when practising the snowboard lessons from the Virtual Snowboard School. Practice makes progress and when you focus on improving and refining technique you will be able to ride the whole mountain and dominate any run. 10 Tips Explored In The Video Below: Warm-up Stay safe […]

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  • 3 Reasons Why Snowboarders Will Love Yoga | Snowboard Yoga Series

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    Every snowboarder can benefit from improved mobility, balance, strength, and stamina. Building these attributes with yoga will let you be creative and have WAY more fun on a snowboard. Your confidence will sky-rocket and you will feel rock-solid on top of the snowboard. This allows you to try new things and master untapped skills. With […]

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  • How To Overcome Fear And Self-Doubt In Snowboarding

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    Fear and self-doubt are an intrinsic part of snowboarding. Everyone experiences those primal feelings when they’re riding, no matter how skilled they are. Your ability to master and rationalise fear will dictate how much you enjoy snowboarding and how quickly you are able to improve on the slopes.  Try the 6 tips featured in this post […]

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  • Know What You’re Riding | The Meanings Of Slope Signs

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    Have lots of fun and get to the bottom in one piece! That’s the aim of the game in snowboarding, so It’s important to understand the circles, squares and diamonds you see on trail maps and slope signs at the top of runs. The different shapes and colours rate the level of difficulty of the run to let you know […]