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  • How To Use Massage Balls For Snowboard Health

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    When you snowboard your body is hard at work so it’s no surprise that your muscles get tight, knot up, and ache. Especially, if you’re taking some bails out on the slopes! From sore feet to tight quads, hamstrings, and shoulders, massage balls might just be the wonder-worker you’ve been looking for. They will help you get […]

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  • 7 Essential Yoga Poses For Snowboarding | Snowboard Yoga Series

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    In the snowboard season, your body can see a ton of mileage on the slopes and hours in a car travelling to and from the mountains. Time in the car mixed with snowboarding can leave you feeling stiff and achy. A typical ski day for me consists of driving for 45 minutes, snowboarding hard for many hours, followed by […]

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  • Joy-a-Toes | Heal + Free Your Feet After Snowboarding

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    Have you ever finished a day of snowboarding with tired, achy and swollen feet?… Oh yeh, me too! This season Joy-a-Toes toe separators have changed the snowboard game for me. Joy-a-Toes will bring your feet to life after being stuffed into snowboard boots. These little gems are comfortable toe spreaders made of a gel material […]

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  • How To Overcome Fear And Self-Doubt In Snowboarding

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    Fear and self-doubt are an intrinsic part of snowboarding. Everyone experiences those primal feelings when they’re riding, no matter how skilled they are. Your ability to master and rationalise fear will dictate how much you enjoy snowboarding and how quickly you are able to improve on the slopes.  Try the 6 tips featured in this post […]

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  • Practice Meditation To Supercharge Your Snowboarding

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    Meditation will push the evolution of your mind and snowboarding. It has been practiced for thousands of years, allowing people to reach heightened states of awareness, eliminate fearful thinking and achieve deep relaxation. By using a meditative practice you can dramatically improve your visualization ability. Mental rehearsal is an effective technique to use when trying […]