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  • Our Big Secret | The 5 How To’s Of Snowboarding

    Virtual Snowboard School, Virtual Snowboard Lessons

    Watch & Ride simplifies the whole skill of snowboarding into 5 How To’s. The 5 How To’s Of Snowboarding Each How To is individually targeted and improved. Every How To has lessons for you to practice that will skyrocket your riding technique. Lessons are categorised into 3 skill levels: green, blue, and black (just like the slopes). […]

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  • Alpha Brain For Snowboard Optimisation

    nootropics, alpha brain, onnit, snowboard IQ, snowboard education

    Make the most out of your time on snow by introducing nootropics to your riding. Alpha Brain aims to boost mental function like memory, concentration and cognition. This all-natural dye free supplement is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and herbs specifically designed to boost your brain function. Have this organic fuel with breakfast to optimise your snowboarding […]

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  • Transform Your Snowboarding With Yoga

    health benefits of yoga, yoga, snowboard yoga, snowboard IQ, snowboard health

    Yoga is for everyone, especially people who snowboard! Yoga has far-reaching implications for physical and mental health such as reduced stress and increased flexibility and strength. When applied to snowboarding the increase in balance and core strength is crucial to improvement. Implementing a daily practice, even if its short, is a great way to improve […]

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  • Which Goggle Lens Is Best For You?

    goggle lens, snowboard IQ, snowboard education, snowboarding safety

    Before heading out onto the slopes it is important to first understand that light levels and visibility can quickly change. Snowboarding becomes very dangerous and disorienting with bad visibility. You are unable to see other slope users, trees, and changes in terrain. Choosing the right goggle lens can dramatically improve your vision and comfort on […]

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  • How To Have Successful Snowboarding Lessons

    snowboarding lessons, snowboard, snowboard lesson

    By following some simple tips you can dramatically improve the success of your snowboarding lessons. These guidelines will set the tone for having a positive learning experience and make the instructor’s job easy. Check out Sun Peaks Snows Sports School to get discounted snowboarding lessons with your W&R season pass! Tips For Successful Snowboarding lessons […]